Our Focus

Our Focus

At Hillbilly’s Family Restaurants we pledge to deliver great tasting quality food prepared fresh in store every day. Our team are dedicated to personal, friendly, customer service and an enjoyable, fun atmosphere for all our customers.

Our Chicken

We use fresh, never frozen, Irish and European chicken which is freshly marinated and hand breaded in store throughout the day and cooked until perfectly golden and crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Our delicious signature gravy is made from scratch every day which makes it the perfect side for our succulent chicken.

Our Burgers

We believe a great quality burger has to be made with care which is why our Beef Burgers are made from 100% whole muscle Irish beef that is hand prepared and minced fresh in store every day.

Our Salad Accompaniments

All of our salads and vegetables are delivered fresh to stores throughout the week, hand washed and prepared daily

Our Burritos

Our Chicken Burrito is made from Irish and European chicken which is marinated and freshly grilled throughout the day. Our salsas and guacamole are carefully prepared from scratch in store daily using fresh ingredients from local producers when possible, which adds an unmistakable flavour to our Burritos

Compostable & Recyclable

At Hillbilly’s Family Restaurants we are committed to becoming more environmentally responsible and endeavour to find 100% fully compostable or recyclable packaging solutions.